WannaCry Malware Attacks

Recently, the world was hit with a malware attack with the moniker WannaCry. This malware variant is of the ransomware variety. This means that it encrypts the personal files (documents, pictures, audio files, etc..) on a computer and then demands that you pay a ransom, generally using bitcoin.

What makes this version of malware particularly troublesome is that it is not just encrypting the files on the local computer where the infection begins. It is also encrypting files that are shared out across the network. This can be particularly dangerous for businesses as a single infection point may be able to encrypt all the files that are shared across your network.

Thankfully, Microsoft has been on top of the hole in the file sharing protocol that makes this malware so potent. Microsoft released patches in March for the following operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Server 2008 and Server 2012. The recent outbreak, in May, necessitated another release of patches to protect the Microsoft products that were already at end of life; Windows XP, Windows 8 and Server 2003.

To protect yourself from this malware, simply run Windows Updates on all the systems in your domain and ensure that the systems are fully patched. If you require assistance with this step, please don't hesitate contacting us for assistance.

The link below has  links for each of the operating system patches for security bulletin MS17-010.


 Stay safe our there!

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