Network and Security Assessments

Review of current network hardware and security policies to ensure that your important company information is well protected from internal and external security threats.

Real-time Monitoring

Monitoring tools configured on all your business critical services (e-mail, file services, line of business applications and backups) can monitor your systems 24x7x365 and provide critical data for resolving underlying issues before they become major problems.

Server Checks

Physical review of all your server resources, applications and system logs. In conjunction with real-time monitoring this gives the most comprehensive pro-active look at your system. These can be scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Update Maintenance

Keeping your servers and network devices updated with the most recent security patches and firmware is one of the most important security items that any firm can take to protect their assets. Allow us to review, approve and install these to keep your data secure and accessible.

E-mail Security

One of the leading causes of virus or malware infection is spam emails making their way to your employees. Keep the spam at bay by filtering your email in the cloud with advanced spam filtration tools before it is delivered to your employees.